Saturday, June 19, 2010

Waste not

Every time I cut out a new pattern I put my scrap pieces of material in a basket instead of throwing them away. Just waiting for the moment when I think of something great to do with the pieces. I normally am not a pack rat but since I started Purdy I feel like I need to keep anything that could possibly be reused. So on Monday, I sat down on my floor with my material pieces, hoping for some idea to pop into my head. After folding and pinning and cutting, I had a prototype.

I wanted to create some decorative embellishments for my bags and I thought the scrap material would work. I rooted through the scraps for long slender pieces. I used these pieces to create my new design.

I would call this my first official purse. Everything I have made up to this point has been more of a multipurpose bag. But this is definitely a purse. Personally, I don't like to carry a purse, but I used this purse last night and found it to be pretty comfortable. Maybe I will convert from bags to purses.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun Stuff

I do a lot of research online looking for inspirational ideas. Over the past couple of months, I have found some really interesting and creative ideas. Here is a couple of great ideas I have found.

Plastic, as we all know, takes approximately 1000 years to decompose. That's a long time. I found this tutorial on how to make reusable lunch bags. I made a sandwich bag following these directions and it turned out very cute. Unfortunantly, I have yet to use the bag for some reason.

Scented Vinegar....I thought this was very interesting. I use vinegar to clean my house and kill weeds outside.

Put your old t-shirt to use with this t-shirt dress tutorial. The finished product looks great. The title says t-shirt tote but it looks like an oversized button down shirt.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Second Sunday Pictures

Today was the big street fair on Main St. There were tons of people out shopping even with the humidity. We met lots of furry friends at our doggie water bowl.

I got my first hula hoop from my friend, Brianna. She even did some hula hooping demonstrations for everyone.
Can't wait until the next Second Sunday in July!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Second Sunday June 13th

Come visit our PURDY booth this coming Sunday on Main Street. We will have lots of exciting upcycled stuff for sale.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots of new stuff

I have been working non stop on new creations. The designs that we currently have are so fun and I love making them. The best part for me is that each one is unique.

This is my favorite new design. The original design was for a grocery tote bag made out of t-shirts, but I didn't like the final look. Basically, it looked like a t-shirt with the arms cut off. So I played around with a couple of designs and finally came up with an over the shoulder tote bag.

I incorporated a large side pocket from a trench coat on this shoulder bag. I use the pocket for my cell phone and business cards!

I made this shoulder bag out of a London Fog rain coat. I thought the tag was cute so I used it as part of the bag.

The camo bag is so fun and versatile. The inside is a dark brown material for the shell and the bottom is camo. The front pocket is good for organizing your bag.
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