Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots of new stuff

I have been working non stop on new creations. The designs that we currently have are so fun and I love making them. The best part for me is that each one is unique.

This is my favorite new design. The original design was for a grocery tote bag made out of t-shirts, but I didn't like the final look. Basically, it looked like a t-shirt with the arms cut off. So I played around with a couple of designs and finally came up with an over the shoulder tote bag.

I incorporated a large side pocket from a trench coat on this shoulder bag. I use the pocket for my cell phone and business cards!

I made this shoulder bag out of a London Fog rain coat. I thought the tag was cute so I used it as part of the bag.

The camo bag is so fun and versatile. The inside is a dark brown material for the shell and the bottom is camo. The front pocket is good for organizing your bag.

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