Tuesday, April 24, 2012

That's my t-shirt

I have trouble getting rid of things, especially clothing. My thinking is that I may want to wear it someday even if I have never worn it before. I liked the color of this t-shirt, but the neck line was always too tight. So I decided to rework it into a v neck tank top.

Fold t-shirt in half longways. Then cut make a "v" shaped cut along the neck.

Cut the sleeves off following the seam.

Cut the sleeves open and cut off the seams.

Pin the finished end of the sleeve on the edge of the neckline. Pin the other sleeve about an 1" under the first sleeve. Stitch the ends only.

Leave the arm and neck seams unfinished. This will allow the t-shirt to curl up a little for a natural finish.

And Done!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - The Scrap Hat

I have way too many scrap pieces of material. I keep them because I know someday I will want need them and today is the day.

Here's what you will need: a bowl (the bowl needs to fit comfortably on your head)
medium weight material
lots of scrap material pieces

Scrap work

1. Start by sewing scrap pieces of material together in whatever way you would like. Think of this as a tiny quilt that you are designing. This will make up the middle panel of the hat. Once I had all of my scrap pieces sewn together the material measured about 24" x 5". Set the sewn scraps aside.

Top and middle of hat

2. Find a bowl that will fit comfortably on your head, then place the bowl on you material and trace the outside of the bowl. Double up the material so you will end up with 2 pieces. One piece will the for the outside the other for the lining. Next, measure the outside of the circle that you just cut out. This will be the length of the middle panel.

3. Using the scrap material, measure out the length (for my bowl size the middle measurements were 22") x 4". Cut out another piece with the same measurements for the lining. The lining can be any material that you would like.

4. Pin the top and middle outside pieces together with right sides facing, then stitch.

This is what it looks like so far.

The Bill

5. Use a pair of khaki pants for the bill. Fold the pant leg on the seam, then place the middle of the bowl on the seam. Outline the bowl, then measure out 4" all the way around the bowl.

6. You will end up with a center circle and a larger outside ring. The inner piece can be discarded or saved for future projects.

7. Fold the ring over on itself creating little pleats.

8. Sew the pleats down by stitching around the ring multiple times. 

9. Pin the bill to the main part of the hat with pleated side facing out. The pleats will end up being on the bottom of the bill. Top stitch the bill to the hat.


1. Repeat step 4 with the lining pieces. Then press a 1/2" seam all the way around the middle part of the hat. Pin the lining inside the hat and then stitch.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Really, it's a pillowcase

What can you make with a pillowcase? The easiest apron ever.

materials: old pillow case, any color
material for pocket, and 2 ties
Press pillow case and then turn inside out.

Hold the pillow case up to you and decide where you would like the waist ties, then mark the spot. The bottom of the apron will be the open end of the pillowcase.

Fold over the edges above the tie placement marking. This will be the top of the apron.

Press the folds to create a crease. Top stitch across the crease. Cut off the excess material and turn pillow case right side out.

Cut out 2 pocket pieces 8" x 9". Pin right sides together, stitch together top, sides and bottom, leaving a 3" gap. Pull through to right side facing. Step by step pocket tutorial.

Pin pocket on the top portion of apron. Stitch across the 2 sides and bottom of pocket, leaving the top of the pocket open. **Note** Have fun with pocket placement and size, or make multiple small pockets. You are the designer.

Cut out a neck tie measuring 2" x 50".  Fold the edges over and press. Apron Tie tutorial
Find center of tie then attach to the top of the apron. Stitch with a zigzag stitch or another decorative stitch across the top of the apron. Continue stitching the edges of the tie with a top stitch.

Cut out a waist tie measuring 3" x 50". Fold over the edges and press just as you did with the neck tie. Top stitch across all edges of the waist tie then attached tie to the front of the apron.

 Pin tie to apron and the top stitch the tie onto the apron. That is it. Be creative and add the embellishments you would like.....ruffles, applique, buttons, etc. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - T-shirt cap

It is unseasonably warm in my neck of the woods. Nevertheless, somewhere, someone could us a baby cap.

I thought that a tie dyed cap would be cute. If you are going to tie dye the t-shirt, go ahead and do that first. Last week, I posted the tutorial on how to tie dye.

Cut the sleeve of a t-shirt off.

Turn sleeve inside out and cut the seam edge off, so that the t-shirt is a square shape. Before cutting the edge make sure sleeve fits on babies head. If it needs to be smaller, then mark it, and make your cut further over.

Stitch the cut edge. Set aside.

Cut a strip of t-shirt about 1/4" wide and 12" long. Stretch the strip so the edges will coil together.

Okay, this is the best part....a video! I made a video on how to tie a Monkey's fist knot. I think I spent about a week obsessed with decorative knots. So, I will include many more knots in the future.

With material still inside out, place the free end of the knot inside the center of the material. You can adjust the knot to the length that you would like. The pin indicates where the free end of the knot should be placed.  Stitch the knot to the center of the material. Only stitch about 1/4" long over the free end of the knot, leaving the rest of the top open.

Gather the opposite edges into the center and pin. 

Pinning in the center created four pleats. Pin each pleat separately.

Now, sew each pleat closed, rounding the stitch to fit the head. You will have to sew four edges.

Clip off the excess seams and turn right side out.

Va la! Cute and simple.

This hat could be adapted for an adult by adjusting the size of the t-shirt that you use.

If you have a suggestion for future tutorials let me know. Happy creating.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Purdy at work

"Can I leave work early today?"

Best helper's in the my house!

Trying to look busy!

Sewing workshop

Picking out fabric

Screen printing our logo.
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