Tuesday, April 24, 2012

That's my t-shirt

I have trouble getting rid of things, especially clothing. My thinking is that I may want to wear it someday even if I have never worn it before. I liked the color of this t-shirt, but the neck line was always too tight. So I decided to rework it into a v neck tank top.

Fold t-shirt in half longways. Then cut make a "v" shaped cut along the neck.

Cut the sleeves off following the seam.

Cut the sleeves open and cut off the seams.

Pin the finished end of the sleeve on the edge of the neckline. Pin the other sleeve about an 1" under the first sleeve. Stitch the ends only.

Leave the arm and neck seams unfinished. This will allow the t-shirt to curl up a little for a natural finish.

And Done!

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