Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My pillowcase

The pillowcase covers the pillow that you lay your head on and dream your dreams. Some are soft and worn in, and some are crisp and new. The first set of sheets that I purchased as an adult are finally wearing out. Sad, but true. The bright side, I get to re-purpose my pillowcase into something new. What should I make you ask? How about a skirt.

What you need:    a pillowcase
                           material for drawstring

Cut off the top seam and discard.

Cut about 3" off the bottom. Set the bottom piece aside.

Then cut a two 2" wide section off the bottom. This will be for the ruffle. Set aside.

 Side note: My cutting mat is covered in Purdy logo's. Sometimes, I do my logo screen printing on the mat. So please ignore the messy mat.

The drawstring

Cut a strip of material about an 1" wide. The length will depend of your waist. I just cut a long strip and then tied it around my waist and cut off any excess material I did not need.

Fold over the ends, press and then fold in half. Stitch with a zigzag stitch all the way down the drawstring.  Set aside.

The skirt

Find the center of your skirt and add a button hole. ***I will do a tutorial in the future on how to do button holes*** The waist ties will be pulled through the button hole.

Wrap the tie around the top of the skirt, then fold the skirt down twice over the drawstring. This will enclose the drawstring.

Pull the tie through the button hole and then pin the fold in place.


Straight stitch all the way around the fold. Be careful not to stitch the drawstring.

The bottom of the skirt

Fold the unfinished material under and press. 

Folded and pressed

Insert the unfinished bottom of the skirt inside the finished bottom piece. 

Stitch the two pieces together.

Now for the ruffle

Take your two ruffle pieces and cut them open.

Piece them together. This will create one continuous piece of material. Then fold the material in half long ways and press. 

Turn skirt inside out and start pinning the ruffle on the bottom of the skirt. Pleat every couple of inches all the way around the skirt.  And done.

Stitch the ruffle on the skirt. Remember, be creative and feel free to change anything you would like. My tutorials are just a guideline.

What's up for next week? Good question. Tune in and find out.

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