Tuesday, May 8, 2012

T-shirt blanket

T-shirt material is a pretty amazing material. It is soft, stretchy, and looks good with raw edges.  I think that is why it works well for re-purposing. Here is my take on the t-shirt blanket.
Materials: lots of old t-shirts

Cut off the bottom and side seams of t-shirt (some t-shirts don't have a seam on the side), then cut across the top. You will have a square of material. The material pieces will be different sizes depending on the size of the shirt. 

Repeat this process until you have enough square/rectangles to make a blanket about 4'x5' or what ever size you would like.

Start by pinning together a couple of pieces in a row measuring about 4' long. Sew together. Do not worry if the pieces are different sizes, we will fix that later. I ended up with about 5 long rows of material. 

Lay each row flat and cut off any excess material, so the rows will be the same width. Do this on each of the rows.

This is what it looks like after cutting off the excess material. They should be just long strips of material.

I had a couple of rows that were wider than I liked, so I cut them in half to create some smaller rows. That is why there are seven rows in this picture.
Piece the rows together by over lapping the material and pinning. Sew them together. Now you have a blanket. 

Tito seems so thrilled about the blanket.


  1. SO VERY COOL!!!!

  2. Thanks Reva. Let me know if you make the blanket. I'd love to see pictures.


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