Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - The fundraiser apron

Theatre is a passion of mine, so when I was asked to help a local theater with a fundraiser, I was game. The tutorial for today is for the apron that I am donating to The Sunset Player's silent auction. I used left over fabric from some other projects, but you could use sheets, large button down shirts or piece together scraps for a patch work apron.


 1 top panel   35" long  10" wide

Middle panel A   35" long 8" wide

Middle panel B  35" long 8" wide

1 ruffle 50" long 3"wide
2 pocket panel  9" long 9" wide (this material can be a combination of any of the fabrics or something totally different. I used left over fabric from the middle panels.)
2 ties 22" long 2" wide

First, measure and cut out your pieces.


Pin pocket pieces right side facing.  Sew the 2 sides, bottom and top, leaving a 2 inch
opening on bottom.


Clip all 4 corners of the pocket at a diagonal. This will reduce the amount of material on the inside corners of the pocket once it is right side out.

Pull pocket through opening. And yes, that is a little baby arm in the background. He always tries to help.

Press pocket and top stitch around the outside. Set pocket aside.

Middle and Top Panels

Pin middle panel A to the top panel. Stitch panels together.

Pin and stitch middle panel B to the other side of the top panel.

Once A and B are sewn to the top panel is will be one large piece, as shown above.

Open the seams and press. This makes the seams flat. Sometimes, I am lazy and skip this step, but I always regret it.

Pin pocket to front of panel A either on the side or middle of apron. I placed the pocket on the side, but centering it in the middle works too. Stitch the pockets bottom and 2 sides on the panel with a straight stitch, leaving the top of the pocket open.


Fold the ruffle material in half and press lightly. Fold over both ends about a 1/2 inch and press. Top stitch the ends of the ruffle.

Pin the ruffle to the bottom of panel A facing upwards. Pleating the panel every 2-3 inches.  Stitch ruffle to panel A using a zigzag stitch.

This is what your apron looks like so far.

Now, fold your apron in half with right sides facing and ruffle facing inward, just like when you pinned the ruffle on the panel. Pin and straight stitch the panels together across the bottom just above the zigzag stitch.

Pin the sides of the apron leaving a 4 inch opening on the top panel on both sides. You will use the opening to pull the apron right side out and to attach the ties. Pull apron through one of the openings, so it is right side facing, and set aside.


Press the top, bottom, and ends of the tie with a fold over of about 1/2 inch. Clip the edges of the end fold at an angle to reduce material bulging. 

Top stitch across the top, bottom and sides of the tie. 

Insert one end of the tie in the top of the opening on the apron. Repeat this on the other opening on the opposite side.

Top stitch downward to the ruffle on both sides.
That's it. You made an apron!

If you want this apron, it will be available at The Sunset Player's  Spring Fling silent auction in Cincinnati on March 31st.

I'd love to feature your apron on my blog, so send me pictures at purdyeveryday@gmail.com.

What's up for next week? I will just say that you will be in knots over it!


  1. The apron is adorable! What a great way to contribute to the local theater.

  2. I see that you are into fabric and sewing... not me.. give me the glue! :-) but we all as artists find our outlet for creativity. I am pleased you stopped by my blog.

  3. I think that I need to use glue more often. It can make life a little easier. I just purchased my first glue gun recently, just incase I need to glue something. Thanks for reading.


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