Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Tutorial Tuesday

Lots of hair on this baby!
I have a baby with crazy hair. I am constantly pushing the hair out of his face. I am not ready to cut his hair, so the solution is a hair band.

Cut the sleeve of a small t-shirt off at desired thickness. You can adjust the size of the band after cutting. I wanted the hair band to be rugged, so I did not hem the edges, but that is an option. I used a t-shirt that was very worn. In some of the pictures you can see the jagged edges.
Try the band on the babies head and see if it fits. If you need to make it smaller just use you fingers to pinch the amount that needs to be hemmed, pin it, and then stitch across the band.

Add embellishments of your choice, but do not add anything that the baby could choke on. I cut out some t-shirt flower petals and sewed them on the side. My little one is a boy, so maybe I should have cut out some fire trucks for his hair band. Maybe next time.
Hand stitch the flowers on the band.
Noah says, "This is the way dude's with long hair wear their hair bands."
He is okay with wearing flowers sometimes.

Another option would be to fold the band in half and sew across the hem. I added some decorative stitching and different thread colors to this hair band.

The bands can be adapted for adults too. Just use an extra large t-shirt or cut the band open and add elastic to make it larger.

Now, Mr. Noah can play without hair getting in his eyes. I would like to note that I only let him wear the hair band when I am around to supervise, since he could pull it down over his head. If you would like to add some Velcro on the band for a quick release, just cut the band open and sew the Velcro on both ends. Hope you enjoy this super simple, but adorable hair band.
Happy creating!

What embellishments did you add to you hair band?


  1. What a fantastic idea! Mr. Noah looks so adorable with is new hair bands!!!

  2. Thanks Miss Val. Noah gives me inspiration, so I will probably be using him often.


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