Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One persons junk is another persons treasure

I grew up in an area of town that is called "the boonies". That translates to living out on a farm with not many neighbors. In this rural area, trash was trash. You put out your trash the night before and the garbage collectors would pick it up in the morning. Since childhood, I have moved much closer to the city. I love every moment of the melting pot and new experiences. One experience would be the friendly people that scavenge on trash night. Every week, we have folks that drive down the street looking for treasures at the curbside. Some are modest but most are very open about what they are doing, and will pick through your garbage right in front of you. So when I had a piece of furniture that I did not need anymore I didn't feel too bad about putting it out for the garbage. It took about 45 minutes and someone was stopping in front of my house to load up the cabinet. My husband even when out to help the man load it into his truck. I was glad that someone found my unwanted piece of furniture as something that was wanted.

Cleaning out the unwanted items in my house has been a welcome occurrence lately. Getting rid of things that just collect dust is one of my favorite things. I sometimes keep things that have a sentimental value rather than enjoying them for the time being and then purging them when the time is right. It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in such a short amount of time. For the time being, I am free of some of the items that clutter my world.

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