Saturday, September 4, 2010

My first tutorial

I spent Sunday afternoon dyeing a bunch of white t-shirts. It was a lot of fun and kind of addicting. I decided to add a tutorial section to my blog to teach others how to do cool stuff. My first tutorial is on dyeing material.  Here is the tutorial. The entire tutorial with pictures is posted under the page "Want to learn something?"

How to dye clothing

Mixing the dye. Measure out 1/2 cup of salt and dissolve it into boiling water. Make sure your salt does not contain Iodine. Once it is dissolved, add 4 ounces of the dye solution. This amount of dye will dye at least 10 pieces of clothing. Use the whole container if you want to dye lots of stuff!!

Preparing the clothing. I put the clothing I wanted to dye in the washing machine and ran hot water into the basin. I let the clothes soak in the water while I was mixing the dyes.
Prepping the dye. You will need a bucket or large bowl. I chose to use a large 5 gallon bucket. By the way, you should do all of your dyeing in an area of your house that will be easy to clean, for instance a basement or even outside. You will end up dyeing other things besides the clothing. Pour the concentrated dye mixture into the bucket. Add whatever amount of water you would like to the concentrated dye mixture in the bucket. Start with a smaller amount of water, then test the dye on a piece of fabric to see if it is the color you desire.

Dyeing. You can leave the clothing in the dye for however long you would like. It really just depends on how dark or light you want the material to be.

Rinsing. Rinse out the clothing with cold water until the water runs clear. Ring out the clothing and hang to dry. Once dry, wash in the washing machine on cold to completely remove all excess dye.

Have fun dyeing stuff!!!!

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  1. Great tutorial! I wish I had more time to do other crafts! This one would be fun!


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