Saturday, February 16, 2013

Local love every week

Last week I made my first treasury list on Etsy. I was a little timid and not sure what to include, too many options. I played around for hours looking at clothes, jewelry, wall decals, knitted scarves and hats, wall art, and the list goes on and on. I finally typed in the word "chevron" in my search and found an abundance of baby items, so that is where I started.  Now to this date I have made about four treasuries, that comes to two a week. I don't think I am obsessed yet, but it really could happen. The treasury I did yesterday was called "Local Love" and it included all shop owners that lived in Cincinnati. I was surprised how excited folks were about this treasury. I had comments from people saying "hi" to each other and one was excited that she and her sister were both in the same treasury (I had no idea they were sisters). Then last night someone commented on Facebook that she was a Cincinnatian that sold on Etsy but was not included in the list. That made me think.......we do have a plethora of talent in this area, can I continue making a Local Love treasury every week. And with that thought I decided that Yes, I can. If you live in the Nati then be excited, send me your listing, email me, I want to see your stuff on etsy. Each treasury is only 16 listings and I try to make them flow in some way. I'm excited, hope you are too! 
Paper Garland by The Blushing Buttercup
Coaster set by City Stock Pile

Here is a link to the Local Love treasury #1

Next Local Love treasury will be Friday 2/22/13

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