Monday, February 4, 2013

Spring cleaning in 15 degree weather

 I recently got rid of all my hand-me-down living room furniture, now I have an empty room. It is hard for me to justify buying a new couch, chairs, end table, etc. Since I am not going to buy new furniture I enjoy browsing World Market's living room displays online, but I know it is just a fantasy.

The interesting thing is that since the furniture removal, the room has become a place to hang out. Yeah, it is strange to think an empty room would be inviting. I was thinking that some floor  pillows would make the space even better. Okay, floor pillows are freaking expensive. Yikes, I can't afford pillows either. The other day I went fabric shopping at a new store called Silk Road Textiles. I found some nice fabric for a good price. My successful week ended with 3 new beautiful, affordable pillows. I even stuffed one of the pillows with scrap fabric.

Stuffing pillow with scrap material.

The scrap piece pillow
I am sure others have been frustrated by the price of purchasing pillows, so I am going to write a tutorial later this week.

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