Friday, March 26, 2010

Silk screening 101

Day 1 - Getting Supplies
My brother is teaching me how to do silk screening this week. He pulled up a video on You Tube to show me what it was, but it was confusing and looked time consuming. My plan was to let him do most of the setup work and I could just watch. So we went shopping, luckily he knew exactly what we needed. We tried a local craft store first, after searching the store endlessly, we found nothing.  We were racking our brains to think of an art supply store in Cincinnati. Then he said "I think there is a store on Colerain Ave, I have passed it a bunch of times, but have never been in it."  That place was great, they have tons of art supplies and most importantly, exactly what we needed. I think everyone should check out Colerain United Art and Education. It is a great place. Day 1 wasn't too productive but at least we got the supplies. Tomorrow we will be mixing the photo emulsion and applying it to the screen. Stay tuned.

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