Monday, March 29, 2010

Silk Screening - Day 2

So to recap: day 1 was spent shopping for supplies. Now Day 2: Preparing the screen
The screen printing kit contained many different bottles of chemicals. I had to mix bottle 1 with water and then add it to the photo emulsion bottle. So far so good......
After mixing the photo emulsion, I applied it to the screen. The important thing is to only apply a little bit of the photo emulsion at a time because it needs to be applied evenly.  Then you take a spatula and spread the emulsion evenly over the screen. Originally, we were only going to cover only a small area on the screen with the emulsion, but I messed up and added the emulsion to the center of the screen so that plan was ruined.  After application, the screen needs to be put in a dark room until the screen is dry. The hard part was finding somewhere to put the screen. We ended up putting it in the basement inside a Tupperware container. An hour later, which was about 9pm, the screen was still wet. So we decided to continue the project tomorrow.

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